THE new MG ZS Electric vehicle 2022 Review #MG ZS Electric vehicle

Alternatives have greater ranges and are better to drive. Though. Is the MG ZSa Electric vehicle, good car, The MG ZS Electric vehicle is a small electric SUV, thats easy to drive cheap to run and comes with a decent amount of equipment as standard., Compared with the likes of the more expensive Kia e […]

2022 Hyundai Kona Electric: Test Drive Review

Today we are test driving the 2022 hyundai kona ev. The all electric version is a very popular compact crossover suv, so were going to do a walk around show it to you inside and out were going to take it for a drive and then im going to tell you what i really think […]

Pure Etrance Neo Complete Review | One of the best E-Bike in India? | B4Choose

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2022 Polestar 2 Review Electric Vehicle Minimalist Design 402 Brake Horse Power Electric Motor

I just recently purchased a new car that was around a year ago. It was a say at leon, sports tourer, plug in hybrid. It runs on electricity for around 60 kilometers. Then it wants to go back to its like stone age, petrol powered engine. So i was naturally curious when i alone say […]

2022 BMW iX3 review (inc. 0-100): The electric BMW that doesn't look like a science project

It is the bmw ix3 well when i say latest latest to australia, because this has been out for a little while overseas, but we finally get the face lifted version here in australia. Now this competes with things like the mercedes, benz eqc, the jaguar. I pace the audi e tron and this is […]

KIA EV6 2022 Review | First Drive And Walkaround | KIA Electric Car Price In US

The kia ev6 is ready for the future. It is a fully electric vehicle all over from kia. Its attractive and unique design is all set to mark new standards. In this era. It covers a 7 year warranty on the whole, the modern and sport design of this kia ev6 is what inspires the […]

Pure EV eTryst 350 Electric Bike Review in India | Top Speed 85 KMPH | Electric Vehicles |

Here we are to review this pure itrust 350, for you. So lets start this review. So here, as you can see the front look of this vehicle, it looks like a bull and you can see that this part is made of fiber, and this is also. But this is not a glossy part, […]

Kia's New Truck and EV9 & EV7 SUV Lineup! F-150 Lightning, Rivian & Range Rover Should Worry!

87 million units of evs by 2030 in its efforts to achieve full carbon neutrality by the year 2045, at its investor day presentation, its sister company kia was stirring up an even bigger storm. At its own event, while hyundais plan includes only 11 models, excluding genesis, branded products, kias plan includes 14 ev […]

MG ZS EV 26lakhs Is it Worthy or Not?? MG ZS EV Review

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You might already be familiar with the zs. This decently spacious, compact suv, was launched in 2018, with one liter or 1.5 litre petrol power, but mg were also keen to tell us at the time that this models platform had been designed with full electrification very much in mind. Hence the introduction of the […]