Mercedes EQB 350 AWD driving REVIEW new 7-seater EV SUV

It looks very similar to the glb as it should, because it is based on the same platform, in fact its the electrified version of that vehicle. But it brings that eq design philosophy, and we see that right here in the front with this panel grille similar to the eqa theres, also an led […]

2022 Hyundai Kona Electric | My Kona EV vs. Updated 2022 Comparo

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Ford Mustang Mach-E GT review: a 480bhp electric muscle car? | Top Gear

That means mustang the golden gate bridge the statue of liberty of american car icon names, and they put it on electric crossover. Well, you got a bit annoyed, didnt, you and possibly rightly so so four to try and earn your forgiveness. This gives you this the mackie gt, the fast one and theyve […]

Kia Sorento PHEV 2022 | Plug-in Hybrid EV SUV | review

Now, if you stay up to date in the car world, you probably can already guess a few things about the 2022 kia sorento. Fifth. First of all, you can actually charge it via grid electricity, which means it should have a larger zero emissions autonomy and also a larger heavier battery pack. Secondly, the […]

The New Electric Genesis G70 Will Be A BMW M3 and AMG C63 Fighter!

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Renault Megane E-Tech (2022): First Testdrive Video Review

We know all the id models from volkswagen, the anyak from skoda, the electric peugeot citroens and opals, but we havent heard anything electric from renault recently. They have been amongst the first with the soy, but then there has been a very long time of absolutely nothing. Now they try to be back in […]

[FULL REVIEW] 2023 Subaru Solterra Review – all-new 2023 solterra | first all-electric subaru

This is a big day for subaru. The companys first foray into the all electric world is a big one, and we mean that literally co developed with toyota. The subaru sulterra is a full fat ev wrapped in a five passenger suv body. That certainly stands out in the crowd that is provided. The […]

2022 CUPRA Born All-Electric Hatchback, First Drive and First Impressions

My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the cooper born weve got our first impressions of it. Its a left hand drive so lets get started. Music video is sponsored by our insurance partner, as well as excellent rates. They have specific cover for electric vehicles and are great for company cars […]

2023 Kia EV9: Electric SUV previewed as concept – First Look! Review

The ev9 is boxy and adopts a virtually flat roofline. It appears to be significantly larger, which explains the jump from six to nine, as were expecting the production model to be much bigger, to earn its name being a concept it has the usual design traits like large, wheels, side, cameras and high tech […]

MANUAL Electric Porsche 356 Review: An EV For Petrolheads! 4K

Electrogenic is working hard to bring these ancient beasts into a new age, replacing their archaic powertrains. With something a little more up to date, this is one of their latest efforts. The electrogenic 356 is based on the 1965 original, the grandfather of the 911. It once used a 1.6 liter boxer, 4 internal […]