KEA EV Evolve 2 Berth Motorhome – Review (Electric camper)

This is one of the first of its kind here in new zealand and australia, so ill be giving you a brief tour on this ev built by kia over in new zealand. So, starting from the back, you can see the typical kia design with the large windows and the u lounge at the […]

The All-New Kia Sportage EV! The Kia e-Sportage May Be The Perfect EV! Compare with EV6 & Niro EV!

It certainly was the model that attracted more interest from the people that are eagerly waiting for the product as opposed to a concept: car ev9 thats – probably at least three years away before we can expect to purchase a production model. He is number one selling model to date and the seventh best […]

2023 Cadillac Lyriq EV Review

The lyric has been designed from the ground up and will ride on general motors, new scalable battery architecture. The company claims a low center of gravity and a spacious cabin is benefits of the dedicated ev architecture. The lyric should be on sale sometime in early 2022. As a 2023 model, whats new for […]

This Just Killed the Future of Electric Cars

Where do you find out the cost of insuring these cars yeah its bad enough that they cost so much money and it takes so long to recharge? But where do you see what the insurance premiums are take a model s? It can easily be over 4 100 a year insurance, you own, that […]

Citroen e-C4 UK review 2022: why it's not like other electric cars

The only problem for citroen is this is an extremely competitive corner of the market. Im talking the volkswagen id3 and the kia e nero to name but a few so is citron onto a winner with the ec4. Well, today, im going to try and find out, but before we go any further, if […]


Music kia niro have expert review before the bold ev6 ever reaches a single american market. Customer the nero has served kia, customers seeking electric cars and the 2023 kia niro f model is set to be updated, providing another option in this space. So what changes should 2023 neuro evan tenders expect keep reading? […]

Top 5 Electric Cars Coming in 2022 | OSV Behind the Wheel

The big push for electrification has well and truly begun. Over the last year, weve seen the launch of flagship electrified offerings like the bmw, ix3, the ford mustang mach e and the volkswagen id4, just to name a few. So as we approach the uks 2030 petro and diesel ban, which are the evs […]

RAV4 ev 2013 review

This is the interior of the suv all right another side. This is the uh where you will put the plug in order open. It youll have to right underneath the seat right here. You have to pull this button and it opens up the charging port say, for example, if you want to charge […]

2022 MG ZS EV | Refresh | Full Review & Test Drive

Few financial troubles in there then bought over by a major chinese manufacturing giant bought over again now saic motors are the current owners of the mg brand and theyve been making a car like the predecessor to this company with a rowi brand over in china. But they decided to slap an ev drivetrain […]

Mustang Mach-E Review // We Road Trip it 1,000 Miles And Compare It To A GASSER

Now, as you can see over our shoulder here, weve done a quick review on this before youre. Welcome to look at that now. If you havent already seen it, but we recently had this thing for a week from ford and we got to real world test it, which we were not able to […]