The Genesis GV60 Review! – The new Genesis Electric Car! 4K

Applause. So before we start id like to get the numbers out of the way, so how much is this guy well theres, just no international pricing given yet not even for kia ev6, so we just dont know yet, but i can tell you this that the genesis gv60 Starts around hundred 8500 dollars […]

Mercedes EQS review: how far can it go on a full charge? | Top Gear

If you know your castles ive had a lovely haggis for breakfast and im gon na go to london for my dinner, which means ive got quite a lot of driving to do today, but thats no problem, because ive got the very latest in luxury mercedes saloons. To get me there, no, no! No, […]

I Drive The Hyundai IONIQ 5: The Affordable EV Industry DISRUPTER You've Been Waiting For!

and its not only game changing for the hyundai brand, its not only game changing for the world of battery electric vehicles, but i think it might be game changing for the entire Automotive industry were going to drive. It were going to find out what its like, compared with competition from the tesla model […]

Mercedes-Benz EQC – Everyday life with an EV | Sponsored Feature | autoX

As of today, the trouble is: are we ready for electric cars or lets put it? The other way? Are electric cars ready for us? Can they meet our day to day expectations? Can you actually live with the navy today? Can you drive it for a week of normal commute without needing to charge […]

2022 Nissan Leaf electric car review: Leaf e+ long-term test – range, charging, driving!

This one is the e plus long range version which launched earlier in 2021 in australia and ive, been living with this exact car for several months to find out what its like to live with an electric car in australia and whether this particular one has enough range To go on a bit of […]

The All- New Kia EV4 Is $35,000 800V E-GMP Electric SUV!

After all, wheel drive long range model coupled with a deceptively large size that rivals that of the three row. Sorrento suv may not be an ideal ev for many, especially if you are looking for your first electric vehicle. Well, you might be in luck because there is a new ev on its way […]

GENESIS GV60 EV | Buyer's First Impression Review

So this is my car actually, no its, not my new car. It is my friends new car, so he has kindly lent us this new genesis, gv60 thats just out today, Music. It is finally here gv60, it is looking so fresh, so gorgeous Music. So gv60 is the first ev from genesis that […]

Ford Mustang Mach-E 2021 Review | One of the best EVs around? 4K Driving Review | EV Powered

It had some pretty big shoes to fill and whilst the original mustang became one of the best cars on the market almost instantly, this electric mackey finds itself having to compete with a growing list of rivals, namely the polestar 2 and the volkswagen id4. So in this review were going to find out […]


Try comfortable, okay, all right. I think you should go a little bit: okay, good, okay, thats, not bad its quite comfortable. Yes, all right so tell me about the interior. Tell me about the features of this. You can see it has a very beautiful interior, but of course the the petrol variant is […]

2022 CHEVROLET SILVERADO EV – 2022 CHEVROLET SILVERADO EV Release, News, Review, Interior & Exterior

Please subscribe to this channel to get the latest video updates. Thank you. Music Applause, Music Applause, Music chevrolet has decided to join the wave of upcoming electric trucks and announce that they are releasing an all electric version of the silverado as the first electric truck in their lineup. The silverado f is slated […]