An unexpectedly BRILLIANT electric car that's affordable | Peugeot e-208 review

The peugeot 208 is definitely not new, although compare it to something like the renault zoe, then it definitely can be considered new, but weve gotten used to it on our uk roads. These little babies are everywhere and i think theyre more relevant now than theyve ever been before. Due to some recent battery […]

Polestar 2 Vs Nissan Ariya Review's | Best Electric SUV Car 2022 | Which One Will You Choose

Polstar is a new name in the world of electric car companies, and this new brand is coming up with an innovative electric car pulse r2. The chinese brand was once volvos racing skunk works, but has become a standalone electric offshoot, co owned by volvo and geely nissan, on the other hand, is a […]

2022 Tata Nexon EV MAX Real Life Range Test | TeamAutoTrend

I have already posted my detailed and extensive drive review of the tata next one evmax, which is essentially a more premium and flagship version of tata motors electric suv today. Well, we have got the exact same tata, nexon, evmax, exit plus luxury variant. Again, why you may ask well im going to do […]

The Li Auto L9 (Exclusive First Look)

This is the world premiere of the long awaited li l9 weve been waiting for years for this to come out. I know i have throughout the forums and throughout the lee auto world. A lot of people thought that the second vehicle from lee auto would be more of a compact suv. That seems […]

Electric Car SWEET SPOT! 2023 Genesis G80 Electrified Review

I, like the tire squeal horsepower and torque 365 horsepower 516 pound feet of torque from two electric motors and an 87 kilowatt hour battery and quickly we have a meet up on friday at toronto motorsport park in cayuga. We want to see all 1.51 million of you. Maybe youll see this car here, […]

Tesla Model Y review: New electric SUV test in Australia – is it worth stepping up from Model 3? 4K

Those of you who are sticking around, though i bet youre here, to find out whether this car can possibly live up to its own hype. Now, of course, im going to share with you what i found in my time with the car were lucky enough. That were one of the first outlets in […]

Electric Scooter Review In Telugu | Eko Tejas Era Electric Scooter | Best Ev Scooters | Speed Wheels

You will never see me crack and if you get in my way, you gon na feel the wrath got. Ta say it to my face, while hes looking back mirror breaks. When i hate my attack Music, when i feel like this is Applause, Music, Music, foreign, one, two, three more systems, if it […]

2021 VOLKSWAGEN ID 4 EV – The Best Electric SUV?

4 is a completely electric small suv with seating for five people. The id.4 is available in three neat levels. Pro pro s and first edition, the id.4 has an 82 kwh battery pack and is available with rear wheel, drive or each wheel drive on the rear, drive version. You get one electric motor […]

NEW Kia Niro EV In-Depth First Look! – New and Improved? | GoEV

Nero ev Music here has really thoroughly updated the nero from its previous version, which came out back in 2016 as a hybrid in 2018. As the e nero we can now see today, this has been thoroughly updated with the look of kias other electric vehicles and other hybrid vehicles as well, such as […]

Get Your Own Charging Station | Mindra Charging Station | Renew Expo | Electric Vehicles

This is okay, so you are the founder of this company, so you know what kind of uh products and what kind of services. So currently we have two products. First, one is solar inverter. Second, one is eb charger: okay uh! This is completely making india process. We are following right now and this […]