2024 GMC Sierra EV – Review (Denali Edition, Specs, Performance, Price in 2024)

When the 2024 Sierra EV arrives to complement the massive over the top Hummer EV pickup, the Sierra is meant to be a more utilitarian choice and like its gasoline stablemate, it shares much with its Chevrolet badged sibling, the Silverado EV s, everything we know about the new Gmc, electric truck, but before we […]

This EV Has A Secret Weapon: It’s Fun to Drive! (Cupra Born 2023 Review)

Now this is like the fourth, Maybe video that I filmed with the board. I drove it in Spain, I drove it on a closed race track here in Australia, weve taken a static look at the car, but this is the day weve been waiting for. Does it stand up on punishing Australian roads, […]

2025 Lexus LFR- All-new Super EV car is coming

The LFA Coupe was made largely of carbon fiber composite and featured a 553 hpv10. Obviously, DF Supercar wont have an exotic internal combustion engine. Instead, its incredible performance will come courtesy of powerful electric motors. While Lexus has revealed very few details, the company says the follow up to the LFA. Can reach 60 […]

2023 MG Comet Electric Review | MG Comet EV Range | Comet Features, Specifications, Price

So there is a new EV in the market from Maurice garages lets check it out and before that. Do not forget to like share and subscribe to motorhub also hit that Bell. Icon to not miss any of my future updates, so the mg comet is a sub 3 meter, four seater, two door, […]

2023 BAW Pony S – An Electric Car for less than ₱600,000! | CAR REVIEW #196

Festival is unexpectedly, this 2023 baw Pony L. This is the base model of the pony lineup here in the Philippines. Yes, as you can see from the exterior, this is literally like a Jeter ice cream, so this is the biggest surprise for me, the price of this excuse me for this Pony is […]

This Is The World’s CHEAPEST Solar Powered Car

The brief was straightforward: a simple, Affordable Electric City Car covered in solar panels and designed with car sharing schemes firmly in mind. The Sono looked to be the perfect car to bring cheap solar powered transport to the masses, but sadly, due to a lack of investment, it never saw the light of day […]

Why more people are buying this EV – Bgauss C12i Max |What's so special? 143kms Range

Thank you, Music, hi, guys, a very good Mount. All of you name welcome back to our Channel. So today I am back with an brand new vehicle that is, this New Vegas electric scooter so recent times alone, because so this is a detailed video already. So lets uh start the video, so this […]

Top 5 Cars under 10 lakhs

Rupees. No need to worry guys. I will give complete clarity on top 5 cars under 10. Lakhs. Also do subscribe to us, As we have already made a detailed video on all those cars Giving you clarity on which car is suitable for you and for what reason.. I am Rachit Hirani and you […]

2023 BMW iX1 xDrive30, RM286k EV SUV – AutoBuzz

This is the 2023 BMW ix1 xDrive 30, and here the five things you need to know: Music theres only one variant of the RX1 – and it is the x drive 30.. It is based on the BMW X1, which we havent received yet and all around you get an M sport exterior up […]

Unlock The Power Of The MG5 Electric – What You Need To Know!

Are you wondering if investing in an electric car like the mg5 is worth it? Are you asking yourself why go through the trouble of buying an electric vehicle when you can just buy a regular car? If, yes, then, the mg5ev is here to answer all of your questions. I may be a bit […]