Genesis GV60 Is The Best EV You Can Buy

, With the release of the GV60, the brands first totally, electric vehicle Genesis, part of the Hyundai motor group in South Korea, is set to change the notion that premium Electric vehicles are exclusively from Western nations.. What does the new Genesis? Gv60? The groups premium brand bring to the market. How premium is […]

Hummer EV Review: HUGE Mistake by GMC

I got ta perfect. It welcome to the hummer ev edition one pickup review. I am a fellow happy owner of this vehicle and a lot of reviews of the hummer ev are of people that, like review them for like a day, or they have them for a few hours, theyre, not like the […]


Music kilowatt battery is around 350 pounds, so the dual tone: top and model Laughter, foreign Music, foreign foreign, i foreign, Music, foreign, Music, Music, foreign, heated, Music, full vaporization of the rotla foreign Music, so 1000, Music, using that Music, 90 kilometers 171 kilometers coming getting a 90 Percent size, 1701 kilometers, Music, Music, […]

115 Kms electric scooter | Bgauss d15 first ride review | Telugu ev

To have 16 inch tires on this scooter, its definitely definitely a positive point, sports astronaut so that i can cross this mode just like that, full power, full power – you can drive it and then you can switch back to echo so that your mileage gets continuing seriously. It is fun i think, […]

HONDA E electric car quick review. Great spec and some quirky details.

Honda e, so im going to give you a little 10 minute review, whilst its charging up okay so were also filming what its like to drive this car on a 300 mile day and thats. Why were here, charging up and its also the hottest day of the year, which has seen us in […]

Glimpse Of EV Expo 2022 New Delhi | EV Expo | Electric Vehicles | PAVAN KUMAR

So if you see here, this is the registration form like platform, where you have to register yourself, like as your exhibitor or from media person. So this is that place. So after that they will give you like an id card, then you should. It should be scanned here. So first of all, we […]

Bell B2 Vision EV Auto Racing Helmet Review by John Ruther

We are the original racing resource where we sell all things: auto racing safety, equipment from helmets suits shoes, gloves, nomex, underwear, head and neck restraints, seats, harnesses, etc. We even are the largest distributor for packet and endless racing brake pads in the united states and if you need pads for any race car, […]

MG4 EV First Impressions | Better than the ID.3? | Buckle Bulletin

So, yes, mg are slowly drip. Feeding us more details about the upcoming mg4 EV, so Im going to throw it over to Rob to give us a few of the headline. Facts and figures well thats very kind of you um, so the mg4 uh will much like the mg5 come with two specifications […]

Cheapest & Costliest Brands to Repair; Foreign Brands Losing EV Race in China – Autoline Daily 3380

The show dedicated to enthusiasts of the global automotive industry, foreign automakers, are losing the eevee race in china last month, chinese brands accounted for 73 percent of sales for new energy vehicles of passenger cars. Thats up nine percentage points from a year ago. Byd cherry and gac led the way tesla only accounted […]

10 Most Exciting All-New Cars Unveiled for 2023 MY (Latest EV News)

Today, weve got for you a solid lineup of newcomers from the us, great britain, germany and south korea. The ecbs embrace modular platforms developed by the automotive conglomerates and introduce unification that will inevitably reduce production costs and therefore prices so subscribe to the channel and lets start exploration of the all new electric […]