Where does the UPGRADED Peugeot e-2008 rank? | Tish Reviews

And that is exactly what Peugeot have done for their new generation of e208 and E 2008 theyve made a few subtle tweaks that hopefully are going to make it more efficient. Its also increase the amount of miles that it can do by eight percent. Now the Peugeot e 2008 has a claimed range […]

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Review: Electric Car Of The Year?

Comfortably has strong range and has an unbelievable base price of just 28 grand Music hi. My name is jake reporting for hotcars.com and today were gon na. Take a look at possibly one of the best ev bargains around the new chevrolet bolt euv. Curiously, despite being a new model, the euv looks suspiciously […]

Stock Talks, Ep 13 – EV Sector #3 – TSLA, MULN, LIDR, EVGO, VLDR, SOLO – The Chart Readers

Readers so were going to do the ev sector. Today we actually havent done that since um late july, its 7 27, so um been about a week or two, maybe so, um ill, obviously review 720 onward and um doesnt really look like. We need new lines for tesla, maybe ill, add a couple […]

Your big EV charging questions answered | Promoted | What Car?

Why weve partnered with hive and british gas to help us explain just how easy and cost effective, owning and driving an electric car can be. So here are some simple answers to some big questions and myths around home charging. The big question every new ev driver asks is wheres the best place to […]

Rivian R1t | Ev car drive | full review | bcw

This is the rivien r1t, so its literally brand new, its just hitting the streets and for the next 20 phys. This is a very hyped up vehicle. This is maybe the most promising of any of the evs coming out of the startups. You know we have all the old manufacturers, of course, making […]

Volvo C40 Recharge review | The first ever dedicated EV model from Volvo

. That is nothing sold, thats not fully. Electric and part of that transition is the launch of the c40, which is their first vehicle designed solely as an electric vehicle. This is what im going to cover in this review. Weve got a lot of things to get through, so stick around lets check […]

Battre One Electric Vehicle Review | Honest | Don't Buy!!! | Waste of Money | Cheap Electric vehicle

This is the useless worst product. All parts are rusted, looks like a garbage now costed me around 80, 80 2000. Indian rupees. This is the useless product which you get. You can see the rusting i can see. You can see the quality of stand totally rusted not working, see you can see the […]

This is a BIG DEAL! Hyundai Ioniq 6 2023 review – electric car / EV prototype test (inc 0-100)

This is what it actually looks like mmm curvy. I drove a prototype version in korea recently. Hence that camouflage covering the car that youre watching and in this quick review ill give you a rundown on the latest ev from hyundai lets get to it. But remember if you want to read my more […]

Polestar 3 SUV- Finally Revealed

Thanks to the newly revealed Polestar 3., The company has bagged quite a number of awards from its previous units, Polestar 1 and 2., With Polestar 3 on the way they are in for even more when this new car hits the market. Polestar 3 will be a fully Electric SUV that will be made […]

2022 Audi A8L Facelift Detailed Review | Styling, interiors, comfort, features and drive | evo india

You know what i think its possibly the most appropriate name for it, its subtle not too in your face, and it perfectly describes whats going on here, im very relaxed its only proper. To start. The review of this 2022 a8l from the back seat dont worry because in this video were going to […]