Tesla Tire repair kit-Elite Product review PSA for Drivers EV & GAS cars #4k #fsd #elonmusk

This is Tesla. Dmv uh got a special video for you guys here today we are live from the Tesla DMV headquarters um. So if you check out the Tesla shop, theres tons of products available um that uh, in my opinion, all of their products are really Elite. Uh and everything that Ive bought […]

Fisker review a new fisker ocean car 2023 will completely shock and dominate the entire car industry

Flood the market and Fisker looks to capitalize on that sentiment with its aptly named ocean SUV. The most attainable model starts under forty thousand dollars and boasts an estimated range of 250 miles. Will the fiscal ocean car succeed? Is it capable of accomplishing it plan stay tuned till end of the video, because […]

The BYD Seal Is The New Benchmark

The byd seal lets get started with Hands On test drives and reviews of exciting Chinese market Vehicles. Wheels boy is the number one source for China. Auto insights, be sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook Music. Here in China, the seal ranges in price from 31 000 to 42 500 US […]

Kia Niro EV Review – Kia gaat opnieuw voor een topscore

Je dit met excellente service. Ga dan naar actavlease.nl in deze aflevering vertellen, we je alles over de Kia, Niro EV. We vertellen alles op zon manier zodat jij de ervaring, hebt Alsof, je hem al in het echt hebt, gezien, bestellen op de hoogte van een, mogelijk alternatief en dit alles op een, vermakkelijke, […]

Jump Booster Level 1 & 2 EV Charger Review

Now these are the kind of products that I was really hoping to get my hands on. As many of you may know about eight months ago, whoa wait about 10 months ago we bought a Tesla Model 3., and today I have a product for my friends over at Jump booster, who was nice […]

NEW 2022 MG5 Trophy EV Long Range – Still Great Value?

I mean it was designed really well, no muss no fuss, it did the job and it did it at an affordable price. At first glance, it doesnt seem like much has changed. You still get over 230 miles of range. You still get a very large Boot and its still priced incredibly well. In […]

AAR V2 Lamborghini Diablo; GMC Hummer EV Market Review and a unique 996 Cabriolet

. Well start with some high dollar sales were going to do a market analysis on the 2022 GMC Hummer EV well take a look at something a little odd and unusual and then of course, well end with a goodbye goodbye. As always, if you like this video, please click the like for us […]

Family life fully charged! 2023 Polestar 2 mid-size EV hatch put to the test by a household of four.

Now Ive been testing this car for the past two weeks with my family of four and were going to see if this Sleek minimalistic car is a little bit too minimalistic. This particular Pulsar 2 has the long range single motor and it comes in at just under seventy thousand dollars. Now. This one […]

Nexon EV ka पूरा सच जान लो🔥| Tata Nexon Ev XZ+ Ownership/Review In Hindi 2022 | Price | Variants |

99L AND GOES UPTO 15.99L FOR THE XZ LUX NEXON. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My_1J5xTC5E

MG 4 Electric Vehicle in 2023 2024   Review Price Specs and Design

MG 4 Electric Vehicle in 2023 2024 Review Price Specs and Design

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